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New Year, New Chicken Recipe!

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It’s a new year and after a week of celebration and relaxation, DCDishes is back! I’ve been brainstorming on how I can add more exciting content to the blog, so please stay tuned for what’s in store for 2018!

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the holiday season with their loved ones. I definitely did. Unfortunately, I worked a couple of long shifts during Christmas this year. With my schedule being a little wonky, it was imperative I had food ready to go when I was home and to take in for my 12-hour shifts. It dawned on me that it had been ages since I had made a whole chicken in the slow cooker. With it being slow cooker season and all, I had to bust out this KFC inspired Slow Cooker Chicken.This recipe is super easy although you need a slew of spices. Many of them I had in my pantry already, but a couple of them required a special trip to my local grocery store.

This holiday season, I took the opportunity to mix up the spice blend, smother it all over my chicken, then braved the elements and crowds and finished up my Christmas shopping. The smell of the spiced chicken consumed my home when I returned and then I only had to focus on making some delightful side dishes to accompany my beautiful bird. This time I went with my mac and cheese recipe and some bacon balsamic brussel sprouts (recipe to come later, stay tuned).

It’s funny how when you step outside your comfort zone once you realize how simple the thing the intimidated you actually was all along. I used to be horribly intimidated by any cut of chicken that wasn’t a boneless, skinless chicken breast. Now, years later, I can clean, cook, and carve a whole chicken like it’s nothing. Admittedly, my carving skills need a little work but I’m sure one day looking back, I’ll laugh at the shoddy job I’ve done in the past. In this new year, I aim to continue to step outside of my comfort zone not only on this blog but also in other facets of my life. That being said, here’s to 2018 and more adventures in the kitchen!

Fake Out Slow Cooker KFC Inspired Chicken

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