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Look -I know I post about salmon… a lot. This recipe is not a drill. Honestly, I should have made it ages ago, but I was so apprehensive. Next time I feel that way, I’m kicking apprehension to the curb because this recipe was absolutely amazing. A couple of Christmases ago, I was gifted ‘Cravings’ by Chrissy Teigen. I was almost immediately drawn to this salmon dish with a Thai twist- Sweet Chili and Mustard Glazed Salmon. Soon after the new year had started I made my way to a global food market and found all the ingredients I probably wouldn’t be able to find in my local grocery store. I was so ready to tackle this recipe. For some reason, I managed to avoid actually making it until now!

After making this delight of a dish, I realized I had nothing to be afraid of. I treated myself to a new larger cast iron and my skills with cooking salmon had increased over time. However, I wish I had known about this technique sooner. I never in a million years would have considered finishing off the salmon under the broiler. Thank goodness for Ms. Teigen’s wisdom because my mind was blown, my taste buds were tickled, and my world was changed forever.

Overall this dish was beyond simplistic. The sauce is super easy to make and you just begin to let it boil when you place the fish in skin side up. Yes, that intimidating and oh so easily sticky skin. But wait! There’s no reason to flip this salmon because you finish cooking the fillets skin side up under the broiler with this sauce still in the pan. It was miraculous and I still can’t believe I’ve ever fought with salmon skin prior to this moment. I’m not trying to brag but the fish was cooked perfectly. With the Thai flavor I love and the simplicity of execution, this was easily the best salmon I’ve ever made!

Chrissy Teigen’s Sweet Chili and Mustard Glazed Salmon

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Inspired by Chrissy Teigen’s ‘Cravings’.

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