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The Sheet Pan Series: Pretty Perfect Pork Chops

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It’s becoming clear to me. Every time I purchase something new for my kitchen I become a little obsessed with it. This week, it’s something as simple as a sheet pan! Believe it or not, something as simple as a sheet pan inspired me to make a slew of delicious meals. My reasoning for this seemingly basic purchase came down to size. My former baking sheet was pathetically small. I’ve had the same baking sheet since college. It’s probably barely 13 x 9 and any time I tried to make a sheet pan meal I’d have to divide the recipe between my tiny baking sheet and my glass baking dish. It was definitely time to upgrade.

The new baking sheet I purchased fits perfectly in my oven. There’s so much more space! Naturally, I had to bust out the perfect all in one meal for what would hopefully be the first of many! It’s been ages since I’ve made pork chops. I had a minor grudge against the cut of meat because I felt that I had them way too much as a child. In hindsight, that probably was untrue and today I’d give anything for my Dad’s smothered pork chops. Regardless of my past with pork, I was chomping at the bit to try these Sheet Pan Cheddar Pork Chops with Brussel Sprouts and Red Potatoes. The idea of crispy cheesy pork chops and two sides speaks to my love of quick one-dish meals.  Recipes like this are perfect for busy night and the cheesy flavor the pork packs a potent punch!

I’m confident my so-called grudge with pork chops has subsided and most importantly my love affair with my extra large sheet pan is just beginning. Making an entire meal in one swoop is such a time saver and really brings me so much joy. The chops were a bit of a challenge to cook, due to having such a thick cut, but the flavor outshined the fact that a couple of the pork chops were a touch drier than I would have preferred. Best believe there will be more quick and easy sheet pan meals in the future. Stay tuned!

Sheet Pan Cheddar Pork Chops

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