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One Pot Pasta Perfection

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Pasta will always be one of my favorite things to eat. Admittedly for years, I had only known how to make a very basic spaghetti with marinara meat sauce. It was delicious, however, as time passed I always desired to know how to make pasta with another type of sauce. I craved some variety. If you have been following along with my blog, you’ll note that I post a lot of pasta recipes. All of them curbed my pasta craving at one point or another but this One Pot Cheesy Italian Pasta recipe was absolutely incredible. This pasta tasted like it was something I slaved over the stove for a long time but was actually simple and quick – perfect for a busy work night!

Honestly, I still can’t get over how easy and hearty this pasta turned out. In one pot you put nearly all the ingredients and in just under 10 minutes, voila! I was wary about making sure the chicken breast was cooked all the way through. I always err on the side of caution when it comes to cooking any protein, but especially chicken. No one wants to be exposed to salmonella. Luckily, bringing the broth to a boil and cooking for 8 minutes resulted in perfectly tender bite-sized pieces of chicken!

In the future, while the parmesan cheese sauce was a delight, I plan on adding a little bit of homemade basil pesto. On its own, the sauce is pretty tasty, but I’m a sucker for pesto! I also think it would be worth trying out some fresh tomatoes as opposed to sundried tomatoes. The flavor of the fresh tomatoes would add a lighter feel to this filling pasta. I’m interested in finding more quick and easy one-pot pasta recipes going forward. Between these easy meals and using my Instant Pot, I can be in perfect pasta heaven in no time at all!

One Pot Cheesy Italian Pasta

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