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The Instant Pot Chronicles: Florentine ‘Failure’.

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I’m sure if you have been following along you’ve noticed I haven’t used my Instant Pot much lately. I’m still intimidated by the gadget. Today, I decided to face my fears and get back on the Instant Pot train. I may have been a little too confident that this Chicken Florentine would come out perfectly but leave it to the Instant Pot to humble me. In all honesty, I was going to skip this week’s post but this is a blog about kitchen adventures. I have had many triumphs and I love sharing those with you but here is a challenge I faced and I wanted to share. I’m learning and determined to become an Instant Pot pro before you know it!

I was drawn to this recipe because of the flavors but also the simplicity of the dish. Of course the simplicity I yearned for was not on the menu today. After placing the ingredients in the pot and setting the pressure and time, I was eager for the perfect one pot pasta and an Instant Pot victory. Unfortunately, I was greeted with the dreaded burn notice. AGAIN – insert eye roll here. I was prepared this time, and I quickly jumped up and grabbed my new second pot to transfer the food into after I released to pressure from the pot. I wasn’t going to let this burn notice win. I reset everything and tried again only to get a second burn notice. I had failed, sort of.

If there was one thing I’ve learned in these Instant Pot challenges, it’s that the food is usually pretty cooked by the time the burn notice shows up- at least when it comes to pasta dishes. Instead of throwing in the towel and calling this week a wash, I decided to try the chicken florentine.  The noodles were not mushy and the flavor was on point. I still had something delicious to eat for lunch despite my bruised ego. Know this, I will defeat this burn notice. It may have won today’s battle but it did not win the war!

Instant Pot Chicken Florentine

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