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The Sheet Pan Series: Lemon, and Ginger, and Shrimp – Oh my!

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This week I had to set my Instant Pot to the side and get back to the basics. Whenever I want a quick and easy dinner I turn to my trusty sheet pan. It always provides me with simple and filling recipes with little prep work. I have found some really exciting sheet pan meals for the coming weeks that I’m eager to try and share with you all and the first one did not disappoint! Last night’s Lemon Ginger Shrimp and Veggies was simple and the flavors were a delight. From start to finish it took about 45 minutes to prepare and clean up was a breeze!

I’ve never used lemongrass paste or ginger paste before in any of my kitchen adventures. Truth be told, I tend to shy away from any recipe that includes ginger because it’s usually a little more involved than I prefer. Naturally, when I realized you could grab a paste from the store to provide that flavor I was all in! The pastes were easy to use and super fragrant. Both the lemon and ginger flavors permeated both the veggies and the shrimp for a bold and enjoyable experience. In the future, I hope to find other ways to incorporate these flavor pastes into my sheet pan meals.

There’s so much value in finding recipes that are simple and quick to make. I may not always be busy, but I do crave something I can make in a snap that is healthy and hearty. The sheet pan recipes are a great alternative to ordering take out for me. At times the body yearns for simple veggies and protein with flavors that pack a punch. This recipe checked all those boxes! There are times where I can spend hours in the kitchen making something delicious but more often than not, time is key and I can always rely on my sheet pan to get me through!

Sheet Pan Lemon Ginger Shrimp and Veggies

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