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The Sheet Pan Series: Did Somebody Say, Salmon?

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I know you are all shocked to see another salmon recipe. Salmon is my jam and I love any chance I get to put a new spin on one of my favorite proteins. This Salmon with Hoisin and Citrus was simple and a delight to my taste buds. After a week of eating like a queen for my birthday, I was so excited to get back to blogging and trying to make my own fabulous dishes to share with you!

This year I really want to strive to try to cook with ingredients that I’m not familiar with and make dishes that intimidate me. I’m seeking to sprinkle in some true kitchen adventures. That being said, while this recipe is very easy to make and took no time at all. This was my first time cooking with bok choy which was exciting for me. I’m sure I’ve eaten bok choy before, but this was my first time cooking with it. Survey says I’m a fan! It added great flavor and complimented to salmon well. This Asian twist on salmon was delicious and took maybe 30 minutes to make from start to finish.

I made this recipe twice because I loved it so much but I wanted to test out a theory revolving around the foil. The first time I tried this recipe I did not put the filets into foil packets, I just sealed the entire sheet pan and baked it. I found that a couple of the fillets were a touch undercooked. The second time I tried to wrap the fillets, two to a pack, in separate packets. The foil packs were definitely a success. I’ve always been very concerned with the doneness of any protein I make. Making my meat to perfection, not under or overcooked, is the goal I’m always striving for.

 Sheet Pan Salmon with Hoisin and Citrus

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