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The Sheet Pan Series: Thankful for Sheet Pans On Thanksgiving

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It’s Thanksgiving already! This year has truly flown by. Of course, today is the day we reflect and acknowledge everything we are thankful for in our lives. Like many of you out there know I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Unfortunately, this year I am forced to work on my favorite holiday. It’s always a bit of a bummer not seeing my family on Thanksgiving but I wanted to make sure I was able to at least have a feast prepared that I could enjoy on my own. Seriously, it’s not Thanksgiving unless you stuff yourself silly with a great delicious meal. In the spirit of kitchen adventures, I decided to tackle something I have never tried before. I wanted to make my own turkey dinner! Surprisingly, I found a recipe that allowed me to do just that on two sheet pans. This Two Sheet Pan Thanksgiving Dinner was a challenge for me that reaped a delicious reward. While it may not have been my family recipes, the meal as a whole was better than I expected and I will definitely keep in as a backup dinner for any holidays where I can’t make it home!

There’s no way I was going to cook an entire turkey. I didn’t need that much poultry in my fridge. This recipe called for fresh turkey breast and I was excited to find that my local Wegmans had it ready to go. Or so I thought. Being a newbie to cooking the entire Thanksgiving dinner left me with very little experience on how to handle this bird. My naïveté became painfully obvious when I opened up the packaging of the breasts to find the entire bird was basically still intact. I foolishly thought the breasts would be separated and I would be strutting down easy street to a delicious meal. Upon the realization that I needed to separate the breast I did what anyone would do, I sought reinforcements. I called my Mom. We discussed a game plan but came to agree that good old YouTube may be my only hope. I found an excellent video that made finding the wishbone and removing the breasts a breeze. I’m not going to lie, I was very pleased with myself and thankful for my mother and YouTube after accomplishing this feat.

This meal on two sheet pans impressed me to no end. In about two hours I had a wonderful meal that really brought me into the season when admittedly that holiday feeling was lacking. I had a delicious early Thanksgiving dinner and I learned a new skill. I tackled my turkey feast and I’m thankful. Happy Thanksgiving from DCDishes to you and your family! I feel thankful for all of your love and support today and every day.

Two Sheet Pan Thanksgiving Dinner

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