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‘Tis The Season For Brilliant Brownies

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‘Tis the season for copious amounts of baking! It’s the holiday season and I’m sure most of you have been inundated with delectable baked goods. Typically, it’s the time of the year for Christmas cookies. I am home for the holidays so it’s time to get my bake on! I’m generally a huge fan, but this year I wanted to make something different. So why not some Brilliant Brownies. Admittedly, I have only really made brownies from a box and the ones from a box are deliciously delightful. While I have never claimed to be a baker, I thought it was time I gave homemade brownies a try, but I had a lot to learn.

The biggest debate I stumbled upon was regarding the espresso powder. The recipe I decided to try added a bit of this java to enhance the chocolate flavor. This was the first time I had heard of adding coffee to a chocolate recipe, but the espresso powder is meant to make the chocolate flavor is more prominent without the coffee flavor. I have never spent more time in a coffee aisle in my life. Initially, I found a brand called Cafe Bustelo. For some reason, I just wasn’t sure this was the appropriate powder needed for the recipe. I finally found a brand sold at Walmart called Delallo. In comparison, the powders are similar but the instant espresso, Cafe Bustelo, is a bit more coarse than the Delallo Instant Espresso Powder. It also should be noted that Delallo mentions it’s usage for baking on the back of the jar. I think if I had ground up the more coarse powder, it would have sufficed too. The espresso powder did not disappoint. These brownies were so rich and chocolatey and you couldn’t tell there was espresso in them at all!

Personally, I love a great brownie sundae. This chocolate lover’s dream tasted amazing with a scoop of my favorite brand of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and with a cherry on top. The whole home smelled of chocolate and was warmed with holiday love. Like I said before, I’m not knocking the boxed brownies, but these chocolate squares were amazing and my whole family enjoyed every bite! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from DCDishes!

Brilliant Brownies

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