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Start Of Year Sausage And Peppers

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It’s a new year! 2019 is here and there are plenty of cooking adventures to be had. I had a wonderful time cooking and with my lovely family down south at the end of 2018 and I’m feeling more inspired than ever to cook some cool new dishes this year.  After spending time with my family I’m excited to share my take on some recipes I love while also experimenting with dishes I’ve been intimidated to try. Hoping this year is one of tremendous growth for the blog, my kitchen skills, and my taste buds.

It’s a southern tradition on the first day of the year to eat black-eyed peas. Apparently, it brings good fortune. Unfortunately for me, I’ve never liked them. The first meal of the year was never my favorite thing to eat. In past years, I have made the beans, eaten a bowl, and pretty much tossed the rest away. This year, I couldn’t justify wasting all that food. So, inspired by a dish my mother and father make regularly, I decided to start the year off with Cast Iron Sausage And Peppers! Even if it wasn’t my family traditional dish, I think it’s important to start the year off with a hearty meal.

Preparing this meal was super simple. The most work I encountered was cleaning up my cast iron after everything was finished. I may have chopped my veggies a bit differently but it all tastes the same, right? The seasoning with the sausage and pepper was tasty and a great meal to kick of this new year. In the following days eating these leftovers, I enjoyed my sausage and peppers without a roll and also topped with parmesan cheese. Each version was delightful in its own way. Will sausage and peppers be my go-to New Year’s Day meal? That remains to be seen, but my taste buds liked how 2019 started.

Cast Iron Sausage and Peppers

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