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Simple Slow Cooker Soup…With A Twist!

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We had a snowy week in the DC area. Of course, everyone rushed to the grocery store. This time, I was prepared. I had already planned to honor my favorite season. Not winter. I’m not a fan of this frigid season at all. It was time to pay tribute to slow cooker season! This week I made a simple and tasty Crockpot Thai Chicken Soup. I’m a huge fan of Thai food but rarely attempt to cook that cuisine. This recipe was incredibly easy to make and tasted exactly like soup from my favorite restaurants. This twist on chicken soup was pretty much a dump, set, and forget it kind of meal. On a cold winter day, my heart and soul were warmed by this delicious dish.

The biggest hurdle was tracking down some of the ingredients. I spent a ridiculous amount of time in the Wegman’s aisles trying to hunt down curry paste and fish sauce. With patience and determination, I was able to find everything I needed. I was initially worried about the level of spice in the soup. Ultimately, I was a little disappointed the first day. I expected more. While eating leftovers through the week, the spice did kick up a notch but in the future, I may add more curry paste in an attempt to add more heat. For this blog post, I will keep the original amount but if you’re a spicy lover like me I’d say add a little more than the recipe calls for.

Working with coconut milk is a bit of a challenge. You’ll notice at times the milk will solidify in the soup. This should not be something to be too concerned about. After everything finished cooking, I made sure to give it a good stir to mix the milk with the rest of the ingredients. You’ll notice the same effect when you refrigerate the leftovers. I highly encourage you to give this tasty Thai soup a try. I regret steering clear of this delicious dish for as long as I did.

Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Soup

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