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French Onion Soup For You! Merci Beaucoup!

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This week’s blog is inspired by a delicious appetizer I had at my beautiful childhood best friend, Tina’s Bridal Shower. We showered her with love at this wonderful little creperie in Philadelphia and the food was divine. The wonderful meal started off with this an amazing soup and I haven’t stopped raving about it since. From that moment on I was determined to make French Onion Soup. This week I set out on that adventure and while it wasn’t like the soup I had at the fancy restaurant, it was pretty delicious. I just love being able to replicate my restaurant favorites at home!

I’ve never made a soup quite like this. While it was simple to make, it did take a lot more time than I expected. The key to this soup is patience and persistence. Of course, my eyes watered continuously as I sliced my five yellow onions. I wanted to throw in the towel there but I pressed on. Also, while beginning to cook those onions, I had to constantly stir the onions and make sure they are perfectly caramelized. Admittedly I may have gone a touch heavy on the thyme. I didn’t have any kitchen twine so I improvised. The strong seasoning was a touch overpowering for my taste so I diluted it a touch after the soup was just about done. I had no idea this much work went into this recipe, but I enjoyed the ride despite my tears.

An added bit of excitement in this cooking adventure was my brand new oven-safe soup bowls! I did not own any that were safe to heat up so I was eager to buy something new for my kitchen. My first went off without a hitch. Perfect portion size and of course I bought them in my favorite color red for added flair. I’m looking forward to making other soups and chili while using these wonderful little bowls. Overall, this savory soup topped with loads of cheese and bread was a hit. It’s always great knowing when I have a hankering for french onion soup again, I know just want to do!

French Onion Soup

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