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Sensational Spicy Meatloaf!

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This recipe harkens back to one of my mother’s recipes that happened to be my favorite. While I have done a version of this dish in the Instant Pot, this time I took it back to basics and used old faithful, the oven!  Inspired by Chrissy Teigen, I tried her Spicy Italian Meatloaf. What drew me to this recipe was the ground beef and hot Italian sausage mixture for the loaf. I truly had never thought to try this before in previous meatloaves I’ve made. Now, obviously, I’m biased and nothing will beat my mom’s recipe but this is definitely a dish you all should try.

I sought out Italian sausage in bulk. For some, this may be a little more difficult to find but worst case scenario you can always purchase Italian sausage links and simply remove the casings. Trust me, it all tastes the same. It’s important to not overwork the meat mixture when you are combining all the ingredients. Admittedly, I may have not mixed my meat enough. I found there were large chunks in the loaf with just sausage and others that were just beef. This may have been the intent but in the future, I intend on doing a better job comingling everything together.

In using sausage there will be a lot more grease in the pan once the loaf is cooked. I did let the meatloaf sit for a while in an attempt to let some soak back in, but ultimately it was too much for my taste. I poured a bit of it out. Generally, I am not a fan of the ketchup glaze many recipes call for but this one was actually pretty tasty.  This may not be my new go-to loaf but it’s definitely a great one to spice up the mundane!

Spicy Italian Meatloaf

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