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The Great Steak Adventure

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I’m a huge fan of steak, especially a beautifully cooked portion at a nice restaurant. It’s rare that I ever cook one at home out of fear I will completely ruin an expensive cut of meat. In an attempt to conquer my fear, this week I made a delicious Sirloin with Pomegranate Glaze. The hesitation I felt in starting this recipe was evident but with a little bit of patience and my handy dandy food thermometer, I managed to cook my steak to perfection. This victory in the kitchen has really inspired me to try my hand at a variety of cuts of steak. My experience was truly a great one and my tastebuds reaped all the rewards.

I can’t reiterate how phenomenal it is to have a meat thermometer. I almost felt invincible when I was done letting my steaks cook on each side for about four minutes. Admittedly, I did check them quite frequently. The thermometer came in handy when I attempted to reheat my meat the next day.  We have all been there. You make or take home a delicious steak and the next day when you go for leftovers, you end up ruining that perfect sirloin and overcook it in the microwave or oven. This has happened to me too many times. Enough is enough. I did some research and found a simple and effective reheating method that didn’t overcook the steak!

As noted in this great short video by America’s Test Kitchen. To summarize, I reheated the steak in the oven at a low temp on a wire rack for about half an hour until the steaks are 110 degrees (A chance to put my favorite tool to use). Then, after dabbing off any excess oil you quickly pan sear the steaks for just about a minute. This warms up the steak without cooking it all the way through. It was such an easy quick trick and provided me with the delightful dinner I had the night before. No more sad steak leftovers for this gal! 

Sirloin with Pomegranate Glaze

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