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Mama Mia, Margherita!

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You have to love a thirty-minute recipe that encompasses all the flavors of Italy you crave. This week, I stumbled upon this delicious One Pot Chicken Margherita that rocked my socks. The mixed flavors of fresh tomato, basil, and mozzarella on top of a seasoned chicken breast did my body good last night. Admittedly, I should have used my own basil pesto recipe, but for the sake of time, I opted for pre-made pesto in a jar. It was a busy day and it was on sale! It’s great knowing I have the skills to make the sauces I love but I stay humble and use the store-bought stuff from time to time.

The biggest issue I came across is really a blessing but the chicken breasts I picked up this week were enormous. The original recipe called for about a pound of chicken but three of the breasts I had weighed in at a whopping two pounds. Actually, a little more than two pounds! This severely altered my cooking times. Remember, the chicken needs to be cooked all the way through. I was constantly checking the internal temperature with my trusty food thermometer to ensure complete doneness. It took patience, a lot of patience to get there.

I spent quite a bit of time pondering what to serve this dish with. I considered rice or potatoes but it ultimately decided to go with some basic spaghetti. The white wine, butter, and lemon sauce around the chicken provided a light burst of flavor to the pasta. To be honest, the chicken packs a such a punch it could stand on its own. This one pot meal is definitely worth your time. Your taste buds and tummy will thank you!

One Pot Chicken Margherita

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