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Smoky, Spicy, Simple Salmon!

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This week’s recipe is a bit of a throwback to one of my first and favorites. Once I finally tasted this dish I was reminded of the beginnings of the blog and was just as satisfied. Chipotle Lime Salmon is the spicy flavorful fish I was craving. It lacked the sweetness of the Brown Sugar and Chili Rubbed Salmon but was just as simple to make and packed an unforgettable punch!

If you’re partial to increased heat like I tend to be, I would recommend two or more chipotles in the sauce. Speaking of the sauce, I loved it. I was apprehensive on how the fish would taste with the sauce baked in after using a dry rub in the past. The main difference that I noticed was the dry rub provided a little more of a crispy top on the salmon. Despite the missing crispiness, I enjoyed the taste and texture of the fish overall. While I realized this is my billionth salmon dish, I do enjoy finding new fun twists like this recipe. I rarely work with chilis in adobo sauce, and now I’m interested in incorporating that chipotle flavor into dishes in the future.

After diving into this recipe I knew I had to compliment the flavors with avocado salsa and some white rice. The avocado provides a smooth creaminess to mellow out all that chipotle spice. I added some red onion for a little more pizazz in the salsa, which I think was ultimately a good move. This salmon stands alone very well but I highly recommend adding some avocado in some way to enhance the dish.

Chipotle Lime Salmon

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