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For the Love of Lasagna

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It dawned on me recently, I have made dozens of pasta dishes but never ventured to try a simple and delicious layered heaven that is Sausage Lasagna! I’m just as shocked as you are, it’s really a shame. But fear not, I come to you with a simple and delicious recipe that will satisfy the lasagna lover in all of us. I have tried many versions but I love adding some spicy sausage. It provides a special kick to this Italian classic. You can always substitute beef or go meatless of course but I am a fan of the spice!

There was a little obstacle when compiling all my ingredients. The recipe calls for no-cook lasagna noodles. This sounded awesome because who really wants to boil the noodles before getting started. I decided to go to my local Giant store which has a smaller selection than my favorite Wegmans. I looked high and low and wasn’t able to find them initially. After going back to the pasta aisle one last time I came across some ‘oven ready’ Barilla ones. I had to be sure this was what the recipe called for because I didn’t want hard uncooked noodles in my masterpiece but they turned out to be exactly what I was looking for! I love a good grocery store win!

Being aware of your sauce and cheese ratios when layering is important. I found that I would get heavy handed with the cheese and then try to compensate with more sauce. Next time I make this meal I will be a little better about evenly dispersing both fillings. For the longest time, I shied away from making my own lasagna because Stoffer’s has been killing the game for years. Nowadays, I think I may have them beat!

Easy and Delicious Sausage Lasagna

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