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Killer Kale!

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This week’s post is baffling to me, honestly. Never in a million years did I think I would make Kale with Bacon and actually like it! Lately, I’ve been making an effort to be a little more health conscious. I’ve been hitting the gym, doing yoga, and just trying to take care of myself as a whole. In that spirit, I’m trying to be a touch healthier in my diet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crushing it as this recipe is basically kale cooked in bacon grease, but baby steps! It’s nice to have a different kind of green added to my arsenal.

I used to be so anti kale. I heard it was bitter and strong and I wanted nothing to do with it. I would avoid kale at all cost. Over the past few years in cooking for myself, I’ve come to realize I have been missing out on a lot of the flavors of the world. Some of my previously featured recipes have used the green as an ingredient, and suddenly I realized that kale might not be all that bad. In fact, it may just be a side I would prefer with another recipe. I don’t know why I even claim to dislike anything at this point anymore. The old saying has been true through most of my life and kitchen adventures- “Don’t knock it until you try it”!

This sensational side was so simple to make. It is a true one pan dish. From start to finish it only took about 20 minutes. After trying this savory side, I can truly say I’m a kale fan. Admittedly, I did stack the flavor deck in my favor with adding a little extra bacon, garlic, and mustard seed. What can I say, I’m a girl that loves a dish that packs a punch. While at the end of the day I essentially made a healthy dish a delight with “unhealthy” ingredients, there’s something to say about the fact that I made some kale and I liked it!

Fantastic Kale with Bacon

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